Frodo Waits in Valinor

It is time     

A great day for Frodo
He is a bit nervos
Today it's the day Uncle Bilbo
I wait for this moment for all these years

Days went by and days turned into years
Frodo was healed again
He didn't feel the pain anymore
The elfs..their songs..sad songs and happy songs

This day it was different
There is laughter and only happy songs
The stars seem shining brighter
Frodo feels the joy in his heart

Even Bilbo was excited this morning
Lady galadriël calls Frodo
It is time, my dear friend, she says
Go and don't wait too long!

Frodo walks to the shore
On his way he sees the face of Elrond
Laughing friendly to the Hobbit
And he sees Gandalf is time, he says
These words sound so familiar to Frodo
But this time it is different
No more sadness, but laughter

He remembers the past
It was already sooo long ago
But never, never ever will he forget the Witch-King
He also has heard what happened with the others

He has gone through a hard time
Much pain and much grieve
They almost lost..but finally they were the winners
But how many times he wondered: Why did I have to go??

Now it all seem to be behind him
All those years of pain
How often did Frodo think of the Shire
How was life there without him?

Sure he had missed them
The day he got that ring
How often has he regret that day
And what was it worth

But today it is all better
Today the elfs are all singing from joy
Run Frodo Run..he says to himself
And he is running as fast as he can

Standing at the shore he looks forward
Every moment he feels such a joy
He remembers Pippin and Merry
And all the members of the fellowship

Frodo is impatient,but he knows
It won't be long now..
What would have happened to Aragorn, he thinks
Is he still alive today and has he children

He even remembers Gollum
The final task
But he accepted long ago that it was necessary
So he no longer blames Bilbo for not killing Gollum

He is seeing the Shire again
The old gaffer, Proudfeet and all of the Hobbits
He knows some will not be alive today
He even smells the air of smoke!!

They used to smoke a lot !!
They also were not always so polite
But they were youngsters
And it is so strange, Frodo remembers it all again

Then..all of a sudden..he sees it
A ship is coming!!
Frodo feels his heart beating
Faster and faster and he feels joy

The ship sails into the harbour
Frodo runs to the pier
He waits for a while
Only one person is leaving the boat

Frodo feels tears in his eyes
This time he let himself go
He runs towards him and screams:SAM !!!!!!!!!!!
Well Mister Frodo..I finally arrived...

- mrspippin