Samwise the Brave

here we and me sam..
remember what happened so many years ago??
it all started after bilbo's birthday party..
you went home..thinking about rosie cotton who you loved so much..
it was that night that would change your life forever.
you heard something from frodo's house and you went to see what was going on.
it was there that gandalf saw you and he was angry!!
you heard stories about elfs and rings and dragons!!
it was gandalf who sent you with frodo on a mission
it was the best decision that gandalf ever made..
yes, sam it was..and you know that..
on your way you saw the dark riders on their horses..nazgul were they called..
you hated it that merry and pippin couldn't leave you two alone..
they always were up to something!! now you know
that they changed too..
you went quickly to the prancing pony where you met strider..who later turned out to be a king!!
yes sam..a true king!!
he explained much to you about the black riders and he decided to join you.
of you went to mordor..but at the wheatertop frodo was attacted by one of the nazgul.
later you find out he was the witch-king of angkor.
yes, sam..that was a very scary moment!! and frodo had to be brought to a place called rivendell..
elfs?? really..are there elfs?? saw arwen..she took frodo with her dad..elrond.
whooow!! what a paradise it was!! frodo was okay and he seemed to be the frodo you knew..
it was at the meeting were you sneaky sam..learnt more
about your thought that you would go home..but there was no journey home..something has to be done..and later you went with 8 compagnons on that trip..but the worst thing happened in the mines of moria..first frodo was attacked by something in the water and later pippin made a mistake..and then you were all attacked by orcs and trolls and even a balrog!! and there you lost gandalf..what a sad moment it was!!..lost the one you love and trust so much..yes sam..only one moment later you cried again like this.. strider took you with him to lady galadriel who could look in the hearts of people..
she was gorgious!! yes sam..I know you loved rosie more!!haha!! you sweetie..rosie was your true love, I know.. galadriel gave you boats and lembasbread and she gave you a robe..elvish robe..
you went again and then you realized that it was going to end..frodo was missing and you knew boromir had something to do with it..then you heard a voice
frodo was taking a boat and would go alone!!
then you decided to go to the boats and you were right in time..!! frodo had to rescue you out of the water and together you went to mordor..there you met gollum..I know you hate that went through a lot!! you even were caught by captain faramir..
he was the brother of boromir and he wanted to take the ring to his father..but he saw the suffer from frodo and he changed his mind and released you!!
then gollum wanted to get you out of the way and he threw the lembasbread from the rocks and frodo and you were almost fighting!! but sam is not stupid!! after frodo left you with gollum you saw the lembasbread on the ground and you knew it!!
you became furious and went back and just in time!!
you saw that a huge spider attacked frodo and would
kill him if you weren't there in time!
then thestrenght and power of a hobbit grew inside you and you took the light of the earendil with you and you took your sword and attacked her!!
whooow ..what a brave hobbit you were!! but it was after you defeated her that we all saw the true sam
you cried because you thought that frodo was dead..but there was something that had to be done!! so you took the ring from frodo and you were just in time!! the orcs came and took him with you..but frodo wasn't dead !! you followed them and you resist the power of the ring and you defeated orcs and even killed some!! the ring told you that you would be the greatest gardener in the world but you only wanted to have your own garden!! you released frodo and returned the ring..and then the final were caught again by orcs and you were happy that they always fight with eachother and you could escape!!! but frodo was exhausted and you had to carry him..but gollum was there again..and you were fighting with him and frodo went into mount doom
there you saw him and you saw that he failed to throw the ring into the felt like elrond when mankind failed to destroy the ring!!
but the next thing you felt was pain..gollum had knocked you down with a stone..and the next thing you saw was a fighting frodo and gollum..
they both felt!! you ran to the cliff and you saw shouted to grab your hand and he did..
it was done!! it was done!! you felt so sad and cried because you wanted to marry rosie and frodo held you tight and told you that you were the bravest..
but you were rescued by the eagles..and you saw familiar faces and you realized that you made it!!
you made it!! you saw your friends and strider..he was a king!! king aragon!! when you got home you asked rosie to marry you and you did!!
yes, sam..the most beautiful wedding!! and then frodo had to leave..he had to leave because the wound never healed fully again..there you stood crying and feeling sad. you wished he didn't have to but he had to leave..and you did some great things!!
you became a mayor!! a mayor sam!!
but later you felt this strange feeling too..was it what frodo felt? rosie died and your kids are all married and happy and here we stand you and me.
at the grey gave eleanor the red book.
it's done sam..look at the waves and look at the's time for you to leave..
your story ended here and now you have to go and never return again to middle makes me sad see you leave.the same green land where frodo lives now and will see them again..
and maybe frodo will wait for you sam..
I give sam a hug and sam gets into the boat..
I hear the song of the elfs in my head..I wave sam goodbye..a last look and I see the boat's just if he is disappearing but it's the new world..
samwise gamgee..his life here has ended but his life there is starting..but the story will continue and will never die..
a last glimpse..and then he is gone forever...
samwise gamgee..samwise the brave..
- mrspippin