A Sam Story

Is he really hurting Frodo...?

He walked silently through the hall
His eyes filled with fire
It wasn't clear what went through his mind
Silent he was, silent he stayed

One look at his right side
Another look at the other side
His hand was holding a knife
Angry he looked

One sound..he stopped..
What?! he whispered..
**Sigh** no Sam..it was nothing
You fool!! be quiet!!

The anger went through his heart
He seemed to be self-convinced
It's now or never Sam
You've got to do this

You have to get rid of it
For once and for all
If you don't do it know
You will regret it forever

The fire burned in his eyes
He became more angry with each step
He walked to Frodo's room
His hand grabbed the knife tightly

One more step from Frodo's room
Come one Sam!! You can do it!!
Another step..closer and closer
Now Sam!! You have to do it!!

He walked faster..one more step
Frodo's room is near..
The knife burned in his hand
His face turned red

He reached Frodo's door and he opened it
Frodo was sitting up in his bed
He looked surprised at Sam
Sam looked at Frodo with an angry look

Frodo looked surprised..
Sam walked very angry towards him
One look and Sam raised the knife...
Mister Frodo!!! I want to use this knife
to cut the weed in your garden..
You don't mind..don't you??

- mrspippin