The Proud Steward of Gondor

Denethor..proud steward of Gondor,

Why was it, that he couldn't give
Much proud or maby insanety?
Why was it that he couldn't love
Faramir his son, instead of Boromir

Proud he was
And strong of mind
But he couldn't resist
The power of evil

was he really insane?
No, he wasn't at all
Was he really desperate?
Yes, because the end was near

How long he had been there
at Minas Tirith
But he heard rumours
Of the return of the King

Long was he leader
Long was he brave
people had loved him
But their hope was lost

He sent his son Boromir
On his way to get the Ring
But Boromir wouldn't return
No, his end was coming

How deeply Denethor was hit
By the terrible news he got
Boromir, oh Boromir??
Why did you have to die??

And then he was mad
Angry and furious
No one should take his place
Not even the King

But Faramir was not true to him
No, he could resist the Ring
So Denethor punished him
By sending him to his Doom

Mithrandir had come
And he had taken a Halfling
Also with him he brought the news
Of the return of the King

Many orcs were standing for the gate
Minas Tirith should soon be fallen
Denethor, so desperate as he could be
Saw his son cominbut thought he was dead

He took one final decision
A last way to escape
He would burn himself and Faramir
So that he would escape

But he couldn't pretend
The halfling would come in
And he warned Mithrandir
So, there was no escape anymore

Denethor was angry, mad and yes..finally insane
but Faramir was saved..
Denethor was lost
And there would be a new King

so Denethor went
So denethor felt
Minas Tirith was saved
If only Denethor had waited.. 
- mrspippin