I'll Promise

For Arwen

Long black hair
Beautiful blue eyes
How timeless was her face?
But still, she has suffered

Her eyes were filled with tears
She kneeled down by his side
One final look into Aragorn his eyes
I'll promise my King..I'll promise

A few moments before it happened
Aragorn knew he was dying
He asked Arwen to go to the Grey havens

To ask for forgiveness..but it was too late
She couldn't go with the last boat
That was the prize she had to pay
But a prize she loved to pay

Long has she been at his side
The man she loved
He asked her to keep her memories of him
I'll promised she said

Her King was gone
A great King of Gondor
Their son was King now
Arwen decided to leave

She walks through the woods of rivendell
Memories of her father went through her mind
How long did he leave?
She still can smell the air of flowers

She also hears the voices of the elfs
How long ago she talked with her father
He grabbed her hands and looked at her
I'll promise she said to him.I'll promise

It was when she made her decision
The last time she saw Rivendell as it was
She was ready to get married
To Aragorn,the King of Gondor

Elrond hold her hands in his hands
He looked in her eyes
Promise me to be there for him Arwen
I'll promise Daddy..she cried.I'll promise

Arwen feels the tears inside
It was tough now her father wasn't here anymore
She somehowe needed him after Aragorn's death
And she still remembers her father

Arwen is walking again
Through woods and over the mountains
She decides to go to Lothlorien
I want to see it again,she says to herself

She arrives at Lothlorien
How much she loves the woods
It was the home of her grandmother
How happy she was here in her youth!

A few years passed and we see her again
Arwen sits down in the shadow of a tree
She sees her Grandmother
And she hears her voice

Arwen,promise me my dear..
Make your own choices
Never leave your heart
I'll promise,Arwen said..I'll promise

Now Arwen feels tired
She feels strange inside
A bird is flying and starts to sing
More birds are following

Arwen hears the voice of Galadriel again
Arwen..time is here for you
You don't have to wait no more
You won't feel pain..I'll promise

Arwen closes her eyes
She suddenly feels happy
She sees Aragorn..Arwen come to me now? he says
I'll promise..I come!! She says..and then..she dies
- mrspippin