Brave and cool
Never afraid to fight
So awesome and good hearted
A little Hobbit from the Shire

There he stood
All alone
He didn't know what to do
He just saw his best friend leaving

Pippin, yes, he could be a fool
But the emptyness deep inside filled Merry
For he was no longer with his friends
He was alone, they all were seperated

But he was capable to do a deed no one had done
he asked King Theoden if he could serve him
Who could resist such a good-hearted Hobbit??
There he stood..a knight in Rohan-armor

But the King wouldn't take him to war
he was too small to fight
So Eowyn took him with her
Together on a fight

A little Hobbit was capable to fight
A small Hobbit was capable to show his qualities
Meriadoc Brandybuck, small but Braver then men
With his sword and his fire inside

He showed no mercy with enemies
There he was..A true hero of Rohan..
He and no one else dared to attack the witch-king
Yes..little Merry from the shire

Gandalf has left the right Hobbit behind at Rohan
Who could resist a Hobbit that wanted to fight?
Could we resist him?
Strong as ever..he showed no fear

He never failed when he saw the Witch-king of Angkor
Eowyn would have been killed, but merry was there
For one moment there was no laughter
No thoughts about The Green Dragon

Fearless and brave he sneaked to the Witch-King
He raised his hand, his sword was tight in his hand
One moment closer he went to the Witch-King..
he stabbed the sword in the hollow of the knee

The Witch-King felt down to the ground
Eowyn finished the job: I am no Man..and stabbed him
Merry felt this horrible pain and felt down
He woke up when he heard Pippin

True Hero of Rohan..Brave Hobbit of the Shire
Meriadoc Brandybuck, you are awesome
He will always remembered as the Witch-King killer
For it was Merry who made it possible

Without him Eowyn would have died
She knew it and she was faithful
This little Hobbit,She took him with her in the battle
Meriadoc Brandybuck,would there be anyone who doesn't love you??
- mrspippin