No More Hope

A strong man
Strong and pride
Fights whenever he can
He will never hide

Comes from fat
Far far away
His country fights a war
He rather wanted to stay

Together with 8 others he goes
On his way to Mount Doom
No rules for heroes
The addiction comes to soon

He sees this thing
So pure and filled with gold
It is this one ring
But it's already centuries old

Tries to steal it
Makes Frodo run and leave
He doesn't tell what he just did
But soon the price he will receive

Orcs are coming, with many and more
Take away pippin and Merry
He has to fight where he is made for
This is the final last he will carry

Spear after spear
Sword after sword
Kills all near
Hates the creatures of the dark lord

Then one spear hits him in the chest
Another spear follows
The third spear makes him rest
His final breath before he goes

His compagnions see him and run
They can only help him for a while
Thinking of the city where his journey begun
Is dying in a true Fighter's style

He confesses what he did
He finally meets his faith
His honor grows and not just a bit
There is a place in heaven for him that waits

In honor he dies,
Boromir the son of Denethor
Every man of Gondor cries
For Boromir, the son of Gondor
- mrspippin