Who was he?
What do we know about him?
Haldir..the elf of Lothlorien
Send by galadrièl to fight

he was a guard, and he was faithful
Never failed to serve his leaders
That´s why he is remembered
Strong and very beautiful

A guard he was
A guard he will stay for us
Till the end of his days
Till the day came, he had to fight

Galadriel called her men
She wanted them to fight
There was no way they could fail
Because mankind failed far more bthen elfs

Long he was aware of the evil
he knew the darkness that grew more and more
But he didn´t resist to listen
Listen to his true leaders Galadriel and Celeborn

That day he was send
Send to fight a war
What could he do?
It was the war between rohan and Isengard

With his troops he arrived
Men and elf fought once side by side
Why should we break that bond now?
he wasn´t afraid to die

He stood brave between the others
The orcs were coming 10.000 orcs strong
The first arrow flew through the air
But Haldir stood strong

The battle begun..
But one moment..just one tiny moment
haldir was not aware
The orc attacked him

he felt down on his knees
it was toolate
his courage was over
Haldir..he died

A very sad moment
For one we don´t know so well
But what we know about him
Is that he will live in our hearts forever on..

- mrspippin