A Great King of Rohan

He once was great..our dearest king
to guide others..that wasn't a big thing
one day a mean person came
it was someone else who sent him,so who was to blame?
gandalf came and throw grima out
the king was released..and he shouted out loud
but it was the beginning and not the end
later on he realized what all was meant
he had to battle against saruman's troops
many orcs in many groups
they had to fight for everyone's life
but the fighters were armed with sword and knife
the king was saved but many men did fall
still the king didn't ignore another help call
so he went with his men to fight
but this time..bad luck was on his side
he called his men and at the horn they blow
so another battle but soon they would know
the enemy was different, just another kind
so this could be the end..didn't came on his mind
it was his duty and he had to show
that they had to fight because the enemy won't go
his sword was red from all that blood
and the king turned around and screamed:oh my god!!
from out of the sky came a creature big and dark
he grabbed the king like a shark
he swept the king into the air
we all know what happened and don't think it's fair
the great king came to his end
he felt like a hero just as it was meant
king theoden we will never forget
he was one of the greatest even after his death.. 
- mrspippin