Gollum: Life or Death

Fishing with Deagol
His good friend
His name was smeagol
But he didn't know how it went

Deagol found a ring
Bright shining and gold so pure
smeagol wanted this ring
Escaped from isildúr

After a struggle and a tough fight
Smeagol would take it away
He couldn't resist the ring's sight
Killing Deagol that terrible day

Doomed to live
A life without love
He couldn't give
Anything he ever dreamed of

His ring was his life,his all
His precious,his own life master
But the ring left him ,although it was small
And the loss was a disaster

Bilbo the hobbit took it away
After a guessing game
Smeagol,now gollum, couldn't no longer stay
The loss was the hobbit to blame

Captured by sauron the dark lord
Escaped after being tortured and hurt
He couldn't resist any sword
Spent his time with thinking much dirt

Gollum found Frodo and sam and the ring
But they were tough and not stupid at all
he played his master piece or anything
He needed the ring, they had to fall

The captain of Gondor,Faramir was the name
Found them and forced them to speak
Faramir let them go but thought Gollum was ashame
Frodo wouldn't let him go and was just too weak

After misleading Frodo very smart
Who just sent sam away forever
Gollum trapped Frodo with a black heart
But samwise was more clever

Gollum was hurt and hide himself very quick
But he would soon return again
His evil mind was very sick
His love for the ring was insane

At Mount Doom, he finally met his faith
After hurting sam he attacked Frodo once and for all
They both fought and Gollum couldn't wait
He took the ring, but he finally did fall

The ring was destroyed,no more evil ring
Gollum, once Smeagol finally died
His life was destroyed by that evil thing
Smeagol was gone forever,so the ring did decide.
- mrspippin