Great Noldorian King
He was given an elvish ring
Vilya, was the name
And Gil-Galad brought it no blame
His Spear was frozen cold
It could kill you immidiatly, has been told

With Elendil, he was close friends
A friendship that never died and never ends
They both felt evil coming their way
Sauron was gaining power day by day
Gil-Galad felt the evil inside
When Sauron did try it to hide

The King was warned by then
He gathered an alliance of both Elven and Men
To Mordor they went armened and prepared
To bring out the wish they all had shared
A young Elf joined the battle front
He was wearing Vilya, this Half-Elf Elrond

Gil-Galad had given him trust
Someone to follow him, he found at last
Sauron came evil and strong
He slayed Elendil , this turned out wrong
Our dear Gil-Galad was fighting for life
He killed orcs with his Spear, instead of a knife

The battle was hard and sad and red
Isildur cut Sauron's finger and then fled
To Mount Doom with the Ring about to be destroyed
It's evil power was huge and couldn't be avoid
Elrond was desperate when isildur failed
And found out our dear King had been killed

Laying on the ground, covered with blood
His life had ended on this terrible path
Never to be forgotten this awesome King
That's why I decided about a song for him to sing
Ereinion, Artanáro, Rodnor Gil-Galad is his name
A name which will be spoken with proud and no shame

- mrspippin