The Battle between Gandalf and the Balrog

Dark and evil
Eyes red as fire
From the depth of hell
Afraid of no one
No one would dare to fight him

Wise as no one could be
Friendly and kind
A wizzard, a maiar
The guide of the fellowship
With power to defeat all kind of enemies

At the bridge of khazad dum
The two forces finally met
Good versus evil
Fire against Strength
Face to face, Eye to eye

The wizzard with his staff
shouting: YOU CAN NOT PASS!
The balrog was trying to beat him
He used his whip
It flew through the air and came down

But the great wizzard was still standing
Eyes full with anger
Eyes also filled with fear
He couldn't fail,He couldn't allow it to pass
His arms upto the air

His voice shouting and shouting
The same words..over and over again
You can not pass!!
He looked to the creature's eyes
Fire came upon him

The balrog tried to defeat him
He raises his whip into the air..
And it came down with a force
No one could survive
Only the wizzard could

The great wizzard avoid the whip
His eyes filled with anger
Stronger and stronger his power grew
Till he couldn't hold it any longer
One final stroke with his staff

The ground was shaking beneath their feet
In the depth the pieces felt
The wizzard couldn't stand no longer
And the balrog was falling down
But he did one final deed

He raised his whip into the air
And one last moment it came down
It hit the great Maiar
And it grabbed his leg
The wizzard felt down to the ground

One final move, as he tried to hold himself
At the edge of the bridge
One look at his friends
He knew he had to go to the shadows
And his final words: fools!!

Was it the end?
No,it was the beginning
In the depth they felt
A battle was continuing
Fire and strength

Staff against whip
Together they felt
And it looked like there was no end
The wizzard couldn't give up
His power was growing

And then it finally happened
He hit the ground..
Surrounded with snow..
He went to fire..
H e went to darkness

And now he reached the end
The balrog was dead
Defeated by someone who was stronger
Someone who was brave
Someone who was no longer Gandalf the grey..

No..this wizzard was Gandalf
Former known as Gandalf the grey
But the Good Forces had another task for him
They sent him back to Middle Earth
But this time he was no longer the same..

No..for he was now..GANDALF THE WHITE..
- mrspippin