A Song for Frodo

there you are going on your way
there is nothing more for you to stay
your pain and your wounds are all to deep
after this journey, you memories you will keep
it started all so long with that evil ring
it was from sauron, who was the dark king
no, he was indeed the dark lord of mordor
but he isn't there so what are you so afraid for
frodo..you are not happy after all is gone
sometimes you still wonder; what have I done
you did what you should and what you could
in the end you failed,but you did what you could
so battle after battle a new king was near
you knew there was something, you showed no fear
you little hobbit why do you leave
why do you make us all so much grieve
I love you frodo although you failed
but with the ring also your heart was killed
was it really or was it something I don't know
I can only say..I wish you didn't go
far, far away on a ship you sailed away
to another country valinor it's know today
I know I will see you again, someday I guess
to hear you and see you, that will be GOD's bless

- mrspippin