His Final Moment

Brave he was
The battle was there
He called his men

Stand up for this day, you men of the west
Strong and powerful
His face,friendly as ever

He didn't hestitate for one moment
He was guiding his men
Uncle of Eomer and Eowyn

He was sitting on Snowmane
Strongly he held his speech
Finally the horn blew

He rushed forward with his horse
His sword raised
Never failed to miss his target

Yes!! One orc after another
They all felt after they felt his sword
Blood flew everywhere

The victory was so near
The goal was so close in sight
One more move and they would have been conquirors

The orcs didn´t know what happened to them
Eomer and his men,Eowyn and Merry
Swords raised, swords killed

But then...
A dark moment
Elifaunts and other enemies

Strong and powerful
Big and evil
They forced themselves a way through the rohirrim

But Eomer was strong
Eowyn was not afraid
Together they helped the rohirrim

Again they have to fight
And The King stood still with his horse
He looked up to the sky

What was coming towards him?
What came flying towards our king?
The evil Witch-King of Angkor

One moment time stood still forever
His sword felt down to the ground
The nazgúl caught the King..

He was twisted around
His neck was broken
His body was too

The next moment his niece came
Eowyn, brave and beautiful
She stood before the King,defending him

Her little hobbitmate helped her
She stabbed the Witch-King
I am no man..her famous words

But it was all too late
She felt down by her King
Uncle, she cried: I´m going to safe you..

King Theoden recognized her
You already did, he said
One finger stroke her face

Tears felt her eyes
She knew what was coming
She knew it was too late

Brave King Theoden
Greater than other Kings before
His faith was to die

No uncle No!!!
Eowyn cried and held him into her arms
Please, don´t die now!!

But he died as he wished to
He knew his days were over
The days of Eomer and Eowyn were coming

Sweet Eowyn..she couldn´t stop crying
She felt so broken inside
This man . her uncle, her second father

He died..but he won´t be forgotten
Theoden, greatest King of Rohan
How can we forget you

No way I would forget him
For he was so brave
he did fight while he didn´t have to

So, Eowyn is married to Faramir
Eowyn won´t forget him...She rememberes him
She found happiness and she found true love..

Will we still think about Theoden?
Aragorn is King of Gondor
But Theoden is King of our hearts..

- mrspippin