The Last Journey of Elrond

there he stood
looking out of the window
his daughter just returned
she wouldn't go to valinor
she made her decision
it was her final decision
soon she would be mortal
it was aragorn she loved
elrond knew it would coming
he just knew it..
oh how he loved arwen
but he knew he would leave her
for the time of the elfs was over
he was a ringbearer
so was galadriël
and also gandalf..
it was all over and time was there
he hoped frodo would survived
it was a tough journey
the last journey to mordor
how he hated mordor..
it was so long time ago
the day mankind failed
a man..isildur..he failed
he was a strong fighter
and he was a proud man
but he failed..and elrond was afraid
suppose if it would happen again?
but gandalf was proud on frodo
he was even more proud with sam and frodo
sam..who was sam??
elrond didn't know sam..
but there was something about him
samwise gamgee..strange..
why do I feel so calm? he thought
was there something?
maybe a sign?
and aragorn?
he was a great fighter..
but he didn't let the ranger inside go away
elrond looked at his daughter
she looked sad
she was almost dying!!
and then he saw it coming..a sign..
was it right??
was it bad?
he looked at his daughter again..
daddy? she asked. what's wrong?
elrond knew something was wrong..
oh no.. he thought.oh no..not her!!
he saw a black ship..and he saw another one..
my god..he mean evil demon!
he went to his servants and went to the chamber
he called for his blacksmith..
the order was clear..
elrond knew that there was one final decision
it was very dangerous..but it was the only option
he prepared his horse to ride..
daddy? arwen asked.DADDY!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING??
elrond took a large package..
or was it something wrapped?
elrond kissed arwen and said: one last chance...
he knew that aragorn wouldn't fail..
he knew it!!
it was the last hope for them all
with this secret weapon, they would defeate mordor..
just this round..but ity would be worth it
he went to king theoden
aragorn was surprised when he saw elrond..
he was more surprised when he saw it..
NARSIL...the flame of the west..
when elrond left aragorn, he knew that he had to wait
waiting was the only thing he could do..
master elrond!! are you prepared?? elrond looked up..
it seemed so long ago, but time has come..
and so elrond went again..
aragorn succeeded and so did frodo
and now elrond knew why sam was so special
two little hobbits
they did what mankind couldn't
he felt so proud but also sad
it was time..
time to go to the grey havens
bilbo and frodo would go to
a quick look at everybody when elrond got in
he just looked one more time..
the place he loved
the place where he had raised arwen
she was happy now
he would never see her again..
but she chose happiness
so he could live with her decision
and there he went..
elrond..the halfelf king of rivendell

- mrspippin