The Black Gate Opens

The black gate opens
Footsteps are coming
all in a row
Drums are beating

The giant trolls are beating
The sound of the drums
The Orc leaders are shouting
Walk you rats!! It is war!

Up in the air
nazgúl are flying
Not one, not two
No..they are the dark nine

Marching all together
Man and easterlings and orcs
Even man on Eliphaunts
They are up for fighting the war

man with banners
man with flames
Orcs with weapons
All carrying hatred in their hearts

They are going to Gondor
To fight their last fight
They are most certain
This will be their victory

But what they don't know
They are walking to their doom
There will be no victory for them
there will even not be a return

For their is another army
Most deadly on their way
They can't be defeated
They are doomed to stay

So watch the Orcs marching
Let them go ahead
because we know now
There will be no turning back 
- mrspippin