Boromir....The Bear of Gondor 

Brave and great
Just scared Frodo away
He thought: What have I done??

Suddenly he saw them
many at the same time
He knew he had to let go

Of Frodo and the ring
His Gondorian blood raised inside him
Off the hill he run

Quickly grabbed his horn
And he blew on it as loud as he could
More quickly he grabbed his sword

One man against how many orcs??
But this time..Gondor ruled
Strength and passion

He run towards the orcs
Who tried to catch the hobbits
But this Gondorian soldier was there

He grabbed his sword more tight
With his Heart on fire
He fought

His sword raised in the air
With an incredible power it came down
One orc was killed, and then the other

Turning around
Kicking some orcs
Killing the others

One was hanging on his feet
Another tried to sneak him from behind
And he had to kill the one in front of him

But he killed them all
How powerful was he?
twisting around and he killed all three!!

The hobbits were watching
At this man who defended them
No more enemy..but A true soldier

He killed and never stopped
He was quick like a rabbit
Strong as a bear..and powerful...

Amazing how such a man could fight
Boromir..true soldier of Gondor
Never failed to hit an orc

But then.....
One arrow flew through the air..
It hit the bear from Gondor

But the bear wasn't defeated
He stood still for one moment
Then he raised his sword again and screamed

Again he fought and killed
His sword was moving again
He regain his strength

Another arrow
It hit him again

He was quiet and felt on his knees
But..again he stood up
raised his sword again and fought again

Killing another Orc
Defended the hobbits again
How strong was this man..this bear?

The final moment......................
One more arrow
he felt down on his knees again

This time he didn't stand up
No, it was too late
The final arrow was too much

He looked at his killer
His killer looked at him
But he won't fail

His eyes said: kill me now
Come on..kill me
The orc named Lürtz took an arrow

Ready to shoot
But the arrow never came
One moment later Lürtz was dead

It was too late for the Bear of Gondor
But he regain his honor
How well did he fight?

He looked at Aragorn
I would have followed you my brother
Boromir..the son of won't be forgotten

- mrspippin