Who are You...Witch-King of Angkor   


Great and fearless
Black and evil
Once a great King
Now doomed to serve the Dark LOrd

There he goes
Out to ride again
He has to find him
The one who has the ring

His whole shape
Black and frightened
How many people are scared
When they see him and his black horse

Once a Leader
A king of men
But his heart failed
His darkness grew more and more

Yes, he accepted the gift from the Dark Lord
He didn't know he had lost his soul
Forever he has to serve him
In darkness without light

Again he has to go
Together with 8 others
The Nazgúl they are called
Doomed to destroy and to kill Life

How can he go on?
How long has he have to suffer?
Will he ever find peace?
No, for he is pure evil,remember?

So,look at him
See him going again
On his dark journey
How long will this go on?

- mrspippin