What a Mathom may Fathom

LotR Object: A mathom in Bag End
A 'mathom' they call me...
I've nothing to do
but sit in the pantry
and await my debut
at a grand birthday party
or hullabaloo.

They say I've no function,
but that isn't true.
I'm as hale a tradition
as herbed coney stew.
Ah, the hobbits I've met with,
the hobbit-holes, too!

A well-traveled what-not
of porcelain blue,
I have baffled the Proudfeet
and Bracegirdles, who
have given me quickly
over great mugs of brew
to Tooks, Bolgers, Boffins
and the Brandybuck crew.

My newest assignment?
I now rest askew
In the comfort of Bag End
alongside the flue
and remind Master Frodo
of all that he knew
before all that bother,
that sad Ring to-do.

But one thing would please me
much more, in my view:
Ring-bearer, please bear me
to Elf-home with you!
A pantry must wait there
for a mathom or two...
a mathom reminder
of the home you once knew.