Aragorn leads the Hobbits away
Into the wilds where he does not stray
He comes to a point at which to rest
At Amon Sul where he thought it was best
Swords were given to the Hobbits four
For protection and aid in this Great War

Whilst Aragon is searching the surrounding way
Frodo sleeps at the end of the day
The Hobbits cooking fire alights the site
The Nazgul learn and come to fight
The Hobbits peril is greatly renewed
The Nazgul come and three are subdued

Frodo is alone and falls from the fray
The Nazgul Lord sees his prey
In fear and doubt the One Ring is used
The Nazgul’s nature is truly viewed
Angmar stabs Frodo deep with the Morgul Blade
His task completed yet someone saves the day

Aragorn leaps with fire and sword
To quell the Ulairi and the Nazgul Lord
They fall away upon the assault
Their quest completed, the prey nearly caught

Frodo writhes in excruciating pain
His body becomes cold where he is lain
Aragorn rushes towards the Ford
His beloved Arwen rides with Frodo aboard

The Ford of Bruinen is safely crossed
The Nine come and dare the cost.
Arwen calls forth the river's power
Roaring waves and White Horses glower
The great river rides over the Nine
Their horses scattered, the Nazgul resign

Elrond performs the miracle to heal
Frodo is cured the splinter revealed.
He carries the wound for the rest of his days
Until the Havens sought and cure him of his ways.
- MithrandirCQ