Smeagol - A Dark Journey

- MithrandirCQ
Smeagol I was long ago, inquisitive, seeking,
Daring and examining all that is around me
A Hobbit clan I was in part, river-dwellers
Led by a matriarch near the Anduin.

Deagol, my friend I was once had
Until a hidden secret broke our bonds.
A Ring was found in the river we swam.
He should have given it to me -My Birthday present.

The Ring is my precious and I will not let it go.
It is dearer to me than life and I covet it so.
I am driven from the clan as a thief in the night.
The Ring makes me invisible so I flee from their sight.

I hate the sun and the moon, the light burns
I hide in the mountains with the Ring to yearn
I become sibilant and hiss with catches in my throat
Gollum! Golllum! My Precioussss to note

Many years pass away and The Ring is all I know
Until by chance A Hobbit named Bilbo comes to show
Riddles in the Dark a parody of sorts
What has it gots in its pocketeses?
My precioussss of course!

Bagginsss! We hates it! We hates it forever.
We leaves the mountains, the Ring it calls
He is looking for it and now He knows all
I am captured by the Ranger and taken away
The wizard learns from questions each day.

The Elves I am given to with Thranduil their King.
Curse their bright eyes, I escape to find The Ring.
The Fellowship I find by the Moria gate
And wait in hope they do not meet their fate.

The Ring is near I feel its call,
Frodo Baggins carries it withal
At Emyn Muil, I am taken by them
Frodo is my new Master
We must Keep it from Him

To the Black Gate I go and guide them true,
Yet the way is shut and darkness ensues
To Cirith Ungol, I will lead them astray
Catch them and take the One Ring away
She will help us She hungers so
Two fresh hobbits in her belly to go

The Fat Hobbit thwarts me, my betrayal fails
I follow them until they reach the fiery hail
The master wants to destroy it, that cannot be so
Baggins surrenders and claims It for his own

I struggle with Baggins and the finger removed
I have the Preciousss! My glee consumes
I lose my footing falling into the fire
My life is ended, the Ring of Doom