Sestinas by MithrandirCQ

A Sestina to Olorin

The Grey Pilgrim and healer of hearts
A noted Istari come forth from the West
Wisdom to show and conveyed in parts
Defending the Free Peoples, enduring the test
Flame of Anor wielding, a Balrog departs
The Halflings come forth, a Hobbit’s quest

The One ring is found Frodo begins the quest
Mithrandir sustains and lightens many hearts
The Istari Grey leads them bearing the test
The union of Free Peoples, the world in parts
Council is taken for the safety of the West
The Nine companions from Rivendell departs

A Spirit of Fire embattled, Gandalf departs
The Fellowship broken, and end to a quest
A Balrog slain, a life renewed imbuing hearts
The Grey is gone The White instills to test
The Rohirrim united, a land of many parts
Helms Deep defended, White Wizard of the West

Saruman unleashes his host against the West
Aid is needed for Helm, the White Rider departs
The Halflings are captured, curtailing their quest
Gandalf rides forth, instilling men’s hearts
Halflings are freed, reasserting their test
The hosts of Sauron to Mordor comes in parts

Curunir defeated, his staff in broken parts
Gandalf the White and the hosts from the West
The Elven ring Narya strengthening hearts
Halflings stumbling to the Doom of their quest
Mithrandir rides Shadowfax to Gondor in parts
Sauron’s great nemesis continues to test

Gandalf’s does aim to push the Eye to the test
Sauron’s probing beyond Mordor in parts
A Pelennor Fields battle, the hosts of the West
The bait is taken the Black horde departs
The One Ring destroyed Gollum aids their quest
A black cloud rises a lightening of hearts

Gandalf races with eagles to fulfill the test
Guarding freedom of Peoples and Middle-Earth in parts
To the Havens they go now a culminating quest