The Founding of Numenor

Its triumph and tragedy

The evil Morgoth is now in the Void
Yet the malice wrought; Men cannot avoid
The Valar take counsel and much insight
Edain are delivered away from this plight

Ossë the Maia raises from the Sea
Numenor Island to answer this plea
Made firm by Aulë the Vala Smith Lord
Within sight of Avallónë in every accord

Yavanna graces it with grasses and trees,
Elves give fountains and blossoms to see
Eonwë the Maia bestows wisdom and power
Manwë Sulimo grants long life to flower

Elros, Earendil’s son, is Numenor’s first king
The Second Age begins, Edain peace to bring
Here they landed on the western shore
Andúnië named for the sunset it bore

Exploring inland, they found a great peak
Meneltarma - Heaven’s pillar, for all to seek
Here was the Temple that is sacred to Eru
Varda’s stars seen from this unroofed view

At the mountain’s base, a city is born
Fair Armenolos for all to adorn
The splendor of Gondolin is thus renewed
Elros raises - a tower and citadel imbued

One restriction came from the Valar’s lore
Sailing westward beyond sight of Numenor’s shore
Lest tempted and lured to the Undying Lands
A Ban of the Valar to the Edain demands

Eldar came and succored Numenor’s needs
But greatest of all were the White Tree’s seeds
Galathalion’s seedling from Telperion the Fair
For the Edain to see which was beyond compare

Duty and compassion had compelled the Edain
Returning to Middle-Earth to assist and refine
For knowledge and wisdom had been lax instead
Teaching to harvest corn, grinding grain for bread

Yet as time rolled on the temptation grew
The fear of old age and the weakness it drew
Manwë grew sorrowful over this discontent
Morgoth’s evil still gained on Man’s intent

Messengers from Valinor to Numenor conveyed
Calming Edain’s grievances and tensions frayed
Eru’s decrees, the Edain’s mortality in strife
Changes made only by the One who created life

Valinor and Eressëa are not deathless consigned
The inhabitants’immortality are by Eru’s design.
Were the Edain to sail forth towards the Undying land
Their death the sooner, the shining light cannot withstand

Eru’s design for the Second born the Valar cannot see
Perceived as a gift without fear or repining for all to be
Allow not the idea of dying with gloom demeaning
Adhering to Morgoth’s lies, about death’s meaning

Beware disobedience and betrayal of Eru-Iluvatar
Dundedain’s trust expected; not on one in the Void afar
Cherish the hope that beyond death there is consummation
Iluvatar will reveal all, unless the Edain desire retaliation

The Edain for the moment are calmed and contented
Yet strife begins and on Elves and Valar resented
Two camps emerge, the Kings Men and the Faithful
The latter a minority, yet strive to be faithful

Power desired, in Middle-earth strong towers built
Lording, instead of teaching, on people without guilt
The Elendili, the Faithful keep themselves apart
This oppression and unhealthy practice, an evil art

Yet now Ar-Pharazon, Miriel married, usurps the throne
Laws of succession breached and first cousins known
Traits tyrannical with pride and ambition
Power unfettered without opposition

King of all Men was what Ar-Pharazon desired
A great army at Umbar, Sauron’s obedience required.
Sauron abases, feigning meekness and wise state
Numenor he is brought filling him with envy and hate

Within three years time, by flattery, cunning and guile
Numenor’s destruction was set with a gleeful smile
So Ar-Pharazon and many worship Melkor as Lord
Iluvatar’s temple neglected, forbidden to go toward

Amandil, Elendil’s sire began to despair
The White tree will be cut beyond repair
Isildur in youth his courage shown,
A fruit of Nimloth saved and thus renown.

The King then had Nimloth cruelly hewn down
Burning the wood, defiling the very ground
Ar-Pharazon the cruel and grimmest tyrant was he
Sauron’s leechcraft listened dooming all to be

The tree cut down, the prophecy assured
Elendil and sons had nine ships secured
Laden with jewels, scrolls and learning
Storing the sapling with care discerning

Here there also came foreseeing future need
The generous Eldar Fëanor’s palantíri

“Three ships and tall kings
Three times three,
What brought they from the foundered land
Over the flowing sea?
Seven stars and seven stones
And one white tree.”

Ar-Pharazon's heart hardened and sailed the forbidden seas
Manwë’s warning not heeded - Eagled clouds, lightning trees.
Setting foot on Aman his doom now sealed
Manwë calls Eru, his wrath revealed

Iluvatar in anger destroys what they cherish
Numenor Island and its navies perish
Upon this deep chasm, wide cataracts are open
Thus ending the reign of Ar-Pharazon the Golden

Therefore, like Atlantis, Numenor sank
Sucking down all with Sauron to thank
One last wave so curling high
Swept over this land with a great sigh
- MithrandirCQ