Nahar, Father of Mearas

Nahar – Father of Mearas

Orome’s steed swift and sure
Hunting Morgoth’s minions impure

Standing tall, white and shod in gold
In the starlight for all to behold

The elves awakened by Cuivienen shore
Nahar’s first sighting, great neighing more

Thus the Valar see Iluvatar’s first race
Orome and Nahar rush to embrace

They tarry a while with the Quendi to learn
Nahar and his Master to Taniquetil discern

Shadows and more did Melkor wrought
Valar assail him for the Elves behalf sought

Utumno brought low, Melkor in chains
The Elves migration from the Northern plain

Orome upon the great Nahar leads them on
To Valinor, the Elves and the light of Aman

Thus ended the first War of the West
upon Melkor, his servants the North to wrest

Nahar, the father of horses began it all
Great laughter upon the Helcar to heed the call
- MithrandirCQ