Hurin - A Doom Waits

- MithrandirCQ

Adan lord of the First House called
Son of Hareth and Galdor the Tall

Gondolin, a year stayed with brother Huor seen
Dorlomin returned marrying Morwen Elf-sheen

Three children were born from this union therein
Lalaith and Nienor and his only son Turin

The Tower of the Well was battled and fought
His father slain yet the siege unwrought

The Union of Maedhros thus unfolds
Hurin leads the Edain with feats to behold

The Unnumbered Tears a battle ordained
Grievious losses and many were slain

A breach is opened by Morgoth’s horde
Hurin engages, Edains’ blood is poured

The delay is successful and Turgon retreats
To the hidden realm Gondolin his host in defeat.

Seventy Trolls slain before captured in hand
Chained and fettered, he’s brought to Angband

Hurin is steadfast unyielding to all
Gondolin’s secret, a hidden realm called

Morgoth’s anger Hurin’s will to confound
Morwen and the children; a curse is bound

A high place in Thangorodrim for Hurin is set
For twenty-eight years a world revealed is met

Freed from Morgoth yet embittered by lies
Hurin wanders a year following Turin’s demise

In Dimbar he calls for Turgon’s aid
A secret now seen for Morgoth to raid

At last he finds Morwen yet she nears her end.
His family gone no one left to defend

To Nargothrond he goes in sorrow and pain
The dwarf is seen and easily slain

The Nauglamir is taken to Menegroth he goes
Receive thou thy fee Thingol for my family’s woes

There Melian the Maia breaks Morgoth’s hold
The enchantment is broken for all to behold

Hurin sees rightly a thrall to no one
His fate fulfilled a life is done.

A great warrior is gone, cautious and wise
Bearing all torments during his family’s demise

The greatest ruin suffered by all the Edain
Hurin Thalion staunchly bore it in kind.