Grond - the Mace and Hammer

LotR Object: Sauron's mace and ram

Morgoth’s weapon of choice
It gave his might a voice
Defeating Fingolfin at last
A Noldorin prince is past

My Master is now in the Void
My power is now devoid
Yet, a Lieutenant has taken my name
A Hammer of infamous fame

A Ram one hundred feet in length
The Witch King multiplied my strength
Black steel incased my head
A Wolf’s shape to impose my dread

The Enemy’s gate was destroyed
My Master’s wish I did not avoid
Many battles thus ensued
My Master came upon his doom

With Sauron meeting his ultimate fate
This ram of note and Tirith’s gate
The evil I wrought was overcome
A Force of misfortune is now undone
- MithrandirCQ