The Two Glorfindels

- MithrandirCQ
A mighty warrior and elf lord imbued
Turgon of Gondolin had justly viewed
Gondolin’s days were now numbered few
The Enemy at last, their location knew
He sent His Balrog’s, the Udûn flames grew

The Noble Elf Glorfindel did slay such a one
At the Encircling Mountains, yet his life was undone
It insured the safety of Tuor and Idril
And thus the fated birth of Earendil

He stayed in the Halls that Mandos ruled
Yet Manwë forgave and his life renewed
Thus re-embodied, the Blessed Realm dwelt
Maiar companionship was greatly felt

Friend and follower of Olorin could be
A concern heightened; Gandalf was not free
His “angelic” power was noted, too
The Witch king fled from his wrathful view

And so it could be thought that he was sent
As emissary and aid in Elrond’s “tent”
A rightful place in the War of the Ring
The Ringbearer saved, to Rivendell did bring

Source: "the Peoples of Middle-Earth' Vol. X