Frodo's Journey

In 3018 the gathering storm shakes
The calming peace of the Shire breaks
Gandalf the Grey heralds the Ring’s true call
To bring all in darkness and bind them all

Frodo the Ring-bearer leaves the Shire
His faithful Sam is all that is required
Two ‘entrusting’ companions come as well
Merry and Pippin a conspiracy to tell

Four stages does Frodo’s journey take
To flee to Rivendell, the Ring at stake
On the way comes the first harvest of pain
The Nazgul Lord stabs, the Ring to regain

In Imladris the shoulder healed
A pain forever, Frodo concealed
The second stage beginning, the time of Yule
Frodo’s burden assumed, against Sauron’s rule

The Fellowship formed that numbers nine
To counter against the Nazgul Nine.
An Istari lost, Lothlorien gained
A Mirror revealed, Lidless Eye remained

This stage complete a means to an end
Rauros Falls, Boromir fails and tries to amend
Frodo escapes with faithful Sam
On Emyn Muil, a forbidding land.

By resolute will and courage revealed
Smeagol is caught, a guide concealed
To Mordor they come, like Lears upon the heath.
Stripping themselves, their nature beneath

Frodo tormented by the wheel of fire
Sam endures assistance required
They claw and crawl Mt Doom’s slopes
Sammath Naur, The West still hopes

Frodo’s will breaks and puts on the Ring
A quest refused, Gollum attacks this thing
As Isildur severed and evil endured
Gollum redeemed and victory assured

Hand in hand upon that volcanic hill
Frodo serene and Sam so thrilled
Eagles rescue, their task complete
Eglerio Frodo, a tale replete

Frodo has served Middle-Earth well
The suffering ends, the Havens to tell
As Arwen Undomiel accepts her mortal fate
No Shire for Frodo, a redeeming state.

- MithrandirCQ