Fangorn and the Ents

- MithrandirCQ

A disciple of Yavanna conjectured to be
A Maia spirit to shepherd the trees
He and others guard the woodland realm
The ‘Olvar’ protected and not to overwhelm

For many an Age did Treebeard abide
The Third Age in Fangorn he did reside
There Wellinghall was a place to call home
An Ent-House to settle whilst he did roam

Two hobbits did come to this Entish land
A chain of events started, an Ent-moot planned
Though slow to anger and long to speak
The destruction of Saruman the Ents did seek

Treebeard leads the Entish host
Huorns to trample the hated Orcs
Consequently deflating Saruman’s boast
His machines of industry floating like corks

The besiegers at Hornburg are rescued & saved
Their hidden allies came like darkness engraved
Isengard is taken, the enemy subdued
Treebeard renames, Treegarth is renewed

Though many a battle was yet to be fought
A War of the Ring continued,the Dark Lord sought
The Ents did play a crucial and strategic part
With Treebeard to lead them and give them heart

It may well be with the coming New Age
That the men may outlast the Entish gage
Yet Treebeard and others when their time is done
May return to Yavanna with memories of Eru the One.