Éomer, son of Éomund

- MithrandirCQ
Sister-son to Theoden, Rohan’s King
Loyalty, fealty and honor to sing
Eomund father suffers an orcish fate
Foster-son thus to this Sovereign state

Third Marshal of the Mark was assigned
Northern Rohan, a realm to consign
Aldburg in Folde, Éomer came to dwell
The heritage bequeathed, a father felled

Saruman’s minions came forth to contend
First battle of Isen, Theodred’s end
Hence, First Marshall is Éomer’s estate
Despite Grima’s treachery and Theoden’s fate

A mandate given through this treacherous leech
The King’s orders, northern Rohan left to breach
Yet Éomer pursues an Orcish host’s scorn
From East Emnet to forest Fangorn

Here the slaughter is finally done,
Orcs are slain to the very last one
Yet two hobbits escape and to the Forest flee
An avalanche begins, Saruman’s peril yet to see

The Three Hunters met by Edoras way
Horses are given, a pledge not to delay
Gandalf revives and restores Theoden King
Grima flees spitting, like a slimy thing

To Hornburg they go to deny the White Hand
There is great loss from this insidious band
Victory achieved, Erkenbrand arrived
The White Rider cleaves, not to be denied

Saruman is done yet one still remains
The Enemy in Mordor, its legions contained
A Muster of Rohan begins apace
The foothills of Dunharrow as a dwelling place

Éomer is saddened by Aragorn’s choice
The Dead await, an ally to voice
‘yet in battle we may meet again’ I deem
Though Mordor’s hosts ‘should stand between’

Here the six thousand ride to renown
To Pelennor’s Fields, Minas Tirith shown
For Theoden King, a death awaits
Snowmane’s fall, the Nazgul Lord berates

It’s fate is sealed by a womanly guise
A Halfling assists, destiny in disguise
Éomer is shaken. A sister is shown to fall
Devirly and madness Death take us all

But Sauron’s host remains to take the field
Haradrim, orcs and Trolls that will not yield
A seeming ally comes to the shores
The Corsairs of Umber and all is forlorn

Out of doubt, out of dark to the day’s dawn
Gondor’s King comes, Anduril’s flame drawn
Aragorn and Éomer meet at the fields of Pelennor
In spite of Sauron’s army that comes to the fore.

Much is lost yet the battle is won.
The Enemy is defeated, the Ring undone
Éomer is King, Eowyn renewed
Theoden is honored with fealty imbued

Éomer weds a child of Imrahil
Lothirel of Dol Amroth; beauty instilled
In later life when death is near
Merry and Pippin by request appear

In autumn of that year of sixty three
The passing of Éomer came to be
Rohan expands by this Eighteenth King
With loyalty, fealty and honor to sing