Three Elven Rings for the Elven Kings under the Sky

LotR Object: The three Elven rings

Celebrimbor brought a Noldorin host
To dwell in Eregion by a Dwarvish post
There did Sauron by deceit and guile
Guide the Ring making in Elvish style

Yet Celebrimbor saw Sauron’s true self
Three Rings created by the Feanorian elf
:Last were they made with his ancestor’s skill
Elvish wisdom, the greatest power to instill

Vilya, Narya and Nenya, the names ring true
The powers of Air, Fire and Water here imbued
Great stones were set separating each
Sapphire, Ruby and Adamant to teach

The Rings were hidden its uses were forestalled
The One ring lay fingered which its Master called
The Last Alliance did bring a partial victory
The Ring was lost, forgotten in history

There the Elvish Rings came to great use
Healing the decays of time and the world’s abuse
Now the Keepers kept secret their ringly care
Aiding their kindred and friends from despair

Vilya the mightiest Ring of three
To Gil-galad was given the greatest to thee
Yet with his death the Ring did go
To Elrond Halfelven to heal a worldly woe

To Nenya the Adamant did much unseen
Turgon’s daughter, the Lothlorien Queen
The mightiest & fairest of Elves to remain
A girdle on Lorien with time unstained

Lastly is Narya ,  the Ring of Fire
To Cirdan held it’s keeping to sire
Yet the Istari came from out of the West
Lastly did come Olorin to test

Cirdan perceived and thus bestowed
To Olorin came Narya its power to hold
Instill the heart and strengthening the will
Mithrandir came forth,  a task to instill

Yet with the One Ring’s ultimate demise
The Three rings became a fading prize
A time for leaving, their fate cast
The great ringbearers sailed away at last
- MithrandirCQ