Elrond Halfelven: A Poetic History

The star dome Peredhil; half-elven born
With a brother Elros captured forlorn
A Feanor son Maglor aided them both
Saved for many deeds that fate brought forth

The First Age ended, a Valar choice considered
Elrond Half-elven was Elvenkind permitted
Power and wisdom was thus conferred
A penetrating mind a world preferred

In Lindon dwelt with Gil-galad King
Sent to Eregion and aid to bring
Remnants of Noldor with Elrond fled
Eregion overrun, Celebrimbor dead

Imladris founded, Rivendell in name
Great Elven refuge of ultimate fame
Last alliance founded, Sauron defeated
Herald of the King and all that was needed

Gil-galad fell on that day of woe
Elrond heir Ring Vilya bestowed
Great redeemer to all in Imladris dwelt
Those he aided, the healing hand felt

The Third Age began, a marriage led
Galadriel’s daughter, Celebrian wed
Two sons and a daughter came into the world
Arwen Undomiel, a beauty unfurled

Wisdom and knowledge to a Fellowship bring
Healing to Frodo Baggins and its deadly sting
A daughter married to a Numenor King
A parting of sadness, an everlasting thing

The Grey Havens went with the Elven Lords
The rings were passing, their bearers adored
To the Undying Lands Elrond came
Elvenkind ending, a blessed name
- MithrandirCQ