Ode to Boromir

A proud Captain of Gondor was he
Ever seeking glory and honor for thee

The valiant warrior came once to dream
His brother, too upon a great theme

"To seek for the Sword that was Broken
For Imladris it dwells
And the Doom of Men is near at Hand
For Isildur's Bane shall awaken
And the Halfling forth shall stand"

Boromir journeyed for many a day
To seek a place of which many hath heard
But few knew the way

Councils were heard, discussions conveyed
The Nine Companions were selected
To assist the Ring bearer and the Ring un-made
Boromir joined them to complete this thing
And concealed his thought to grasp the Ring
But his yearning for the One Ring grew
And as of yet no one knew

The Mines of Moria were hard and tragic
For the Grey Wanderer was lost and with it his magic

They journeyed through the Golden Wood
Where Lady Galadriel perceived his mood
She gave him a choice as she held him entranced
But Boromir's thought was fixed on this one chance

They left the wood well provisioned with care
And rowed to the Rauros to counsel there
Here it was that Frodo requested
To be alone and choose while the others rested

Boromir's lust for the Ring came to be
Confronting Frodo "It should be mine. Give it to me!"
But Frodo slipped It on his finger
With Boromir's rage he dare not linger

Boromir caught his foot on a stone
And there he fell all-alone
He rose and thus his rage had passed
Madness took him but it did not last.

After some time Boromir had returned
To the remaining Fellowship grim and concerned
Aragorn questioned him on what he had done
The Fellowship was scattered, lost and undone

Aragorn's anger came from this query
He sent Boromir to track Pippin and Merry

When Aragorn heard the Horn of Gondor
He dashed towards the sound not waiting to ponder
He came to a glade and found Boromir seeming at rest
Yet he was pierced with many arrows with blood on his chest
His horn was cloven in two and at his side
Many Orcs were lay slain piled alongside
Boromir awoke and tried to speak
The Halflings taken by the Orcs impure
But they are not dead of this I am sure

He paused briefly and spoke again
"Farewell, Aragorn! Go to Minas Tirith and save my people!
I have failed. "
But Aragorn replied to his call "Few have gained such a victory.
Be at peace! Minas Tirith shall not fall"

At this Boromir smiled and thus expired
The Heir of Denethor, Lord of the Tower Guard.
- MithrandirCQ