A Lament for Beleg Strongbow

A Sindarin Elf of Doriath was he
Warrior woodsmen that came to be
In Thingol’s realm, an archer to be feared
Haladin aided, a war of Unnumbered Tears

A Year of Lamentation ensued
Battle Grief was readily viewed
Apprenticed Turin, in arms and deed
Two great captains, giving aid in need

Although a bowman by right,
Yet in his last year did take
The sword Anglachel to fight
His enemies fled in its wake

His friend Turin was captured and subdued
The Orcish captors take him to Amon Rûdh
Beleg rescues Turin from this grisly end
But Turin bewitched,slays his dear good friend

And so passes Beleg, the Strongbow Sindarin elf
Betrayed by a sword’s malice and a friend to himself
His Bow Belthronding is buried with him
As Turin grieves for his unknowing whim
- MithrandirCQ