A History on Balrogs

Spirits of Fire and Demons of Terror
Drawn to the splendor at the height of Melkor’s power
Allied with Him down into the darkness
Corrupted with lies and gifts of emptiness

Melkor gathered them in the fastness of Utumno
Corrupted like their Master and Darkness cloaked
Whips of Flame and Hearts Fired
Terror and Might was all they desired

When Melkor returned with the Great Jewels
Ungoliant thirsted and wanted to consume
She grew ever larger and lusted for more
And Melkor refused to give what He bore

She spun Her webs and Melkor screamed
The fearful anguish His Balrogs streamed
They issued from Angband and Ungoliant fled
Spinning Her webs whilst She bled

The Balrogs were part of Melkor’s plan
To rule and subjugate with them at the van
Their leader Gothmog was their Lord
Angband’s High Captain of that mighty Horde

Many battles the Balrogs did partake
Feanor and Fingon were felled in their wake
Gothmog’s weapon an axe of blackness
Was finally defeated in Gondolin’s vastness
Gothmog was slain by Gondolin’s Protector
Though Ecthelion’s life was forfeit by the endeavor

Other losses of note were yet to come
The Noble Elf Glorfindel did slay such a one
At the Encircling Mountains
In the realm of Gondolin
It insured the safety of Tuor and Idril
And thus the fated birth of Earendil

The Balrog’s were lost, destroyed or slain
When the Valar came and Middle-Earth reclaimed
Some did sleep in the roots of the earth
And stayed entombed for many an Age
Until one was awakened by Dwarfish greed
They delved too deep for Mithril’s need

Here was Durin cruelly slain
Thus the name of Durin’s bane
With the Death of Nain the Dwarves did leave
But their desire to return never recedes

Finally Balin came with a Dwarfish Host
Yet within 5 years all was lost
A Fellowship of Nine did dare the Mines
Gandalf the Grey led them in kind
They nearly traversed Moria’s realm
But a Shadow waited with fiery helm

Gandalf did sense the Ancient Foe
And at the Bridge didst battle and Lo
The Flame of Udun and the Flame of Anor
Fought to and fro
The Balrog fell beneath Gandalf’s feet
Yet whips of flame dragged him over the breach

The struggle ensued at this bottomless Pit
Clutching and hewing in this aged crypt
The Balrog ran up the Mountain’s core
Gandalf followed he could do no more
They emerged anew on the mountaintop
The Balrog’s flame would not stop
Finally Gandalf threw his Enemy down
And broke the mountain impacting the ground
The Balrog laid ruined and smited
The evil destroyed the Shadow alighted.

- MithrandirCQ