The Paths of the Dead

A Second Age legend has come to fruition
The oathbreakers stand to fulfill their mission
The Dark years of yore a curse was lain
A Dark Lord worshiped, yet all was in vain

Isildur overpowers the Sauron Lord
Invoking the curse on the Oathbreaker horde
Their people fade away becoming diminished
Yet the Spirits remain, their duty unfinished

The Stone of Erech where the oath was made
Is now a dwelling for the dreadful shades
The Forgotten People stand to fulfill their pact
From the North shall he come, bringing them back

Need shall drive him to the Dead Path’s door
Aragorn comes to restore and more
Their aid is needed, at the stone they wait
The Black banner unfurled, the Enemy awaits

The minions at Pelargir must be undone
The Corsairs of Umbar; many ships come.
Aragorn yells ‘By the Black stone I call you!’
The Deadly host rises, their terror ensues

The Enemy flees, their fear awakened
The Deadly host comes, the ships are taken
Thus the oath was finally achieved
The Dead can rest, their task received

Thus the designs of Mordor were defeated
Overthrown by Wraiths of fear when needed
The Enemy’s own weapons of Terror and fear
Were used against Him when triumph was near.

- MithrandirCQ