A tribute to Gandalf on his special day

- MithrandirCQ

A Friend to all Free Peoples was he
The destiny fulfilled and came to be
He passes through fire, earth, water and air
To be reborn and defend what is fair
A Balrog became the footstool of doom
And thrusted Gandalf beyond the gloom

The Dark Lord's greatest nemesis was his call
And the chief architect of Sauron's Downfall
Aragorn's coronation culminated history
For Gandalf was the Chief and this his victory
The Third Age was his to bring this to fruition
Through magic and heart he completed his mission
He wore the Elven ring, Narya to heal many woes
And strengthen the heart to Sauron's foes

In days of yore another name was known
Olorin, who dwelt in Lorien's home
Nienna instructed him and gave assurance
For he learned much pity and endurance
A messenger of Valinor, a Maiar of some right
One of five Istari to contest Sauron's might.
Forbidden was he to reveal his full strength
And though Immortal, he was tempted at length
He chose through his heart and was saved
Because of his humility and all that he gave

The Istari Leader submitted and was seduced
By the forces of evil and became traduced
Saruman the White, his pride and vanity
Lead to many a woe and great calamity
Thus, Gandalf the Grey rose in kind
And broke the staff of the Cunning Mind
He fulfils his destiny and completes the page
And thus brings an ending to the Third Age