Of Faramir and Halflings

His ancestry lies in the depths of Numenor
A Dúnadan of Gondor , second son of Denethor
His bearing is noble, gentle and discerning
A fondness for the land, music and learning

One who can read the minds of others
Leading the Rangers by example - a band of brothers
For battle he cared not for its own sake
Yet a valiant warrior leaving enemies in his wake

Two Halflings were caught crossing the land
His craft and guile laid open the truth at hand
He queried his captors and what they intend
And weighed all options before entering Henneth Annún

Perceiving much from his cross-examination
A brother’s demise, the Grey Pilgrim’s elimination
But more than this he began to comprehend
On Isildur’s Bane, a mighty heirloom and weapon

Whether by fate or chance revealed this thing
The Halfling’s error, the Enemy’s Ring
But a vow was taken before it was known -
I would not take it even found on the highway alone.

For this Man of Gondor a truth-speaker shall be
Boasting seldom, then performing or ending to achieve
Even if he were to desire the Dark Lord’s Ring
A vow was taken, holding all that would bring.

He releases his captors and Smeagol, too
For he was found lurking by the Forbidden Pool.
He grants freedom and protection in Gondor’s land
For a year and a day this doom shall stand.

Two staves are given as gifts for farewell
The Halflings re-provisioned, their hunger to quell
And so in parting the Halfing did say
That friendship was found, unlooked for along the way.

- MithrandirCQ