The Evenstar

A Noble Maiden of elvish blood was she
The choice of Half-Elven was laid on thee

Beauty and loveliness she had from birth
A likeness of Tinúviel had returned to Middle-earth

This dark beauty of wonder came to foretell
A beauty never again to appear in Middle-earth to dwell

The name was given a choice was made
An Evenstar to her people during a time to fade

Her contentment was secure for thousands of years
Until the son of Arathorn came to love and endear

Their troth was set and plighted true
At Cerin Amroth in Lothlorien imbued

The war with Sauron came to its completion
Aragorn was proclaimed; a lordship bearing fruition

His destiny made the wedding with Arwen proceeded
But a bitter parting with her father Elrond was needed

Mortality was the choice that Arwen bade
Her love of Aragorn that was greatly made

A son Eldarion came to be
And untold daughters were laid on thee

Then Elessar's life came to a conclusion
Arwens's grave loneliness was no illusion

She traveled to Lorien and the following year
She passed away never again to appear

Her grave was set where they plighted their troth
A dark beauty of the elves never to come forth.

- MithrandirCQ