Little Poem of an Elf

- Minyavasiel
I stand upon this ship
That’s headed for the Havens.
It’s quite a long sea trip
Until we see white shores.

I have heard of the handsome Elf
Who from Mirkwood inhabits.
He has gone to lend himself
To those who need his bow.

Legolas, I think is his name,
I have heard of him quite often
And of now his growing fame
Tied to the One Ring.

I know not of what will occur
To our Elven hero in dark places.
If only that brave sir
Would be successful in his mission.

I wish for him to be ready
To battle evil things
And pray that his bow may be steady
As he fights quite valiantly.

As Middle Earth vanishes from my sight,
I have one hope for that place.
That it may once again see the light
And peace and happiness may reign once more.