Two eyes deep in shadow
Under a hooded cloak
Two eyes filled with sorrow
Under a heavy yoke

Two eyes filled with ages
Of seeing too much pain
Two eyes filled with longing
To see some light again

Two eyes filled with knowledge
And wisdom beyond years
Two eyes filled with memories
Of sorrow and tears

Two eyes look out on darkness
And sorrow for The World
Two eyes look out in weariness
As the power of evil is un-furled

Two eyes fill up with anger
For the time has come at last
For this travel wearied ranger
To rebuke and fight the evil past

Two hands strong and calloused
From hard work through the years
Two hands full of healing
Of wounds and greater fears

Two hands quick and agile
Filled with gentle care
Two hands strong and mighty
When evil neared the pair

Two hands on the sword hilt
For the time is finally here
To journey through the darkness
And face their greatest fear

One heart filled with sorrow
Cut off from what it loves
One heart full of hopes
Which soar away like doves

One heart beating steadily
Willing to give up all
One heart choosing to sacrifice
So his people will not fall

One heart for his people
Beating strong and true
This exiled King of Gondor
Will soon be crowned anew!

- Melkor's Sister