For Eowyn, Shieldmaiden of Rohan

Of wings she dreamed
To soar the sky,
To rid herself of
Pain and Pride.
Of past mistakes,
Assumptions made
In haste.

She Seeks an end
To this burden of
Unrequited love,
And waiting, and
Wanting to be more
Than simply
A girl.

Her frank desire
Is to leave this world,
For only then can
She shed the hurt
Set upon her heart
By fate.

So, –To the plain
Amidst battle strong,
To vanquish the enemy,
To die renowned.

Valiant maiden
Sword drawn true
Against an enemy
More powerful than you.
Even so, aim she did,
Sure and strong
Weakness marked.
That felling blow
Pierced his helm,
Bringing down her enemy.
Even so.

Brave maiden,
Her victory won,
And her desires met.
For her strike
Touched poisoned flesh.
A black breath
seeped into her soul,
And set her spirit to fly
Far from these shores,
Leaving behind all
Human woes.

But Alas …a healing touch
Crossed her numbed brow
Calling her back,
Giving her spirit pause,
To linger yet in this world
For hope is still alive.

So, reluctantly,
She answered the call
And returned to the world.
For what, she knew not
Only that she should heed
The call.

Her bodily wounds healed
Yet, her spirit, still bereft
And longing…

Then chance came,
A captain of arms
Beheld her beauty
And vowed to erase
The pain from her heart.
He held aloft this hope of his
Toward her, as a gift.

And then one day
she acquiesced,
Realizing her hope
Was indeed alive,
Waiting beside her.
- melbryn