The Palantir

LotR Object: The Palantir from Orthanc

Under Gandalf’s cloak is hid,
A thing to which my mind is bid,
Carefully I dare to peek,
And hope that he is still asleep

Round and heavy it faintly glows,
But soon the light begins to grow,
And as I hold it up it seems,
As if I am still in a dream

As I gaze into the flawless sphere,
I find myself transfixed with fear,
Many different worlds I see,
Ad one Great Eye devouring me

I know I cannot turn away,
My feet feel like they’re made of clay,
A dark and fiery world unfolds
Before me to torment my soul

The swirling depths have drawn me in,
The colors fell and lights are dim,
The more I look into the globe,
The stronger is its gruesome hold

The voice of terror speaks to me,
Of darkness, death and evil deeds,
With piercing swiftness it demands
For me to follow its commands

At last my gaze is wrenched away,
And found that on the ground I lay,
Still tightly clutched in my small hands,
The Palantir of the Morgul lands

- Mel Baggins