Merry's Song

A piece of furniure
To be moved around
A piece of luggage
To be carried by men

A burden to my Master
Invisible, but in the way
A nuisance to an army
who wish they'd left me behind

Where is my place?
When can I fight
For freedom?

Suitcases don't carry swords!
Pelts cannot be hurt!
Pillows don't have friends
Away fighting their own wars!

I gave you my loyalty
And you gave me your laughter
I gave you my sword
And you left me behind

When is it my turn?
When can I defend
My home

To follow you
I have to hide
With my friend
I ride tonight

Into Gondor we come
To join the Last Battle
Into death we come
But you wanted to leave me behind!

I know now
I only wish I'd died
With you.

- Mel Baggins