Long ago

How can I change the past?
How can I heal your scars
So deep
My own are almost too much to bear
I know I will never heal

You will

How can I say I’m sorry?
Your will brought you with me
In another life, far from here
Long ago

I still remember that day
Is it really that far away?
Bath songs, and Walking songs
Adventures and conspiracies
So simple we were then

I must leave, my friends
But you never really understood
I had already left you
I never returned
From the darkness you left behind

Life left me
Long ago
A fading dream I half-remember
Now so dim as beyond recall

I understand now,
How fleeting is life
Like the memory of flowers in winter
They will never bloom again

Not for me

But day has dawned for you,
Dear friends,
As I approach my eternal twilight
In the Undying Lands
Across the Sea
- Mel Baggins