Lament for Haldir

Alas for you, my friend,
Dearest of my mother’s kin,
I fear something has happened,
And that we have parted ways forever

The world is changed,
In my heart I know,
We are a fading flower
Among the peoples of this world

I feel it in the water,
Your dear soul has left me
As a brother you were
To this Hobbit among the Eldar

I feel it in the earth,
This war of men you died for
Is like an aching wound
That may never heal

I smell it in the air,
The salty sea in the West
You longed for it all your days
It is now where you can never go

My sword will never shine as bright
Nor my bow ever be as sure
As on that day in Mirkwood
When you taught their skill to me

Alas for you, my teacher,
That we shall never meet again,
Namarie/, Dear Haldir,
My truest, closest friend

Hiro îth…… ab 'wanath, mellon nîn
- Mel Baggins