Forever Grey

In the evening you lead me,
Through forests unexplored,
To the edge of the Shire,
To the edge of the Earth,
Forever Grey

The Elves are gathered,
Clothed in veiled splendor
Tall ships wait by the shore
Why are there ships?
All Grey

Merry and Pippin
Arrayed in the armor of Men,
Faces old and youthful,
Scarred forever by war
Beside them is Gandalf,
Shining like stars
No longer Grey

We stand together
The four Hobbits
Is this why you came?
Why your eyes are dim,
Clouded over as a rainy day
All Grey

Did you think I didn’t notice
Your longing for the Sea?
Your sorrow as you look to the West,
Past the very Shire
You fought so desperately to save
No longer Grey

Our eyes meet,
One last time
Portholes revealing deep scars
Betraying the tattered remains
Of innocence lost forever
The sweetness I’d seen in them
Now bitter with painful memories
All Grey

A last embrace
As long as a lifetime,
Yet far too brief
Warm with tenderness,
But cold with sadness

You speak of being strong,
Of family, friends and happiness
Without you?
They sound hollow in my ears,
A fading memory of a happy dream
Now Grey

You leave me on the shore
Two Knights by my side
Watching you leave forever
On a tall ship
Elven Grey

I see your face as you fade into mist
Smaller, smaller
A star in your hand in farewell
Shines through the fog
Reaching your friends
On the shore of this Middle Earth,
Left behind,
Alone together,
Forever Grey.
- Mel Baggins