At a grand party for Old Bilbo,
Merry and I sneak around,
Take your rocket to join in the fun
Fool of a Took!

Running through Old Maggot’s farm,
Arms full of carrots, not mine,
Bump into Frodo leaving Middle Earth
Fool of a Took!

The Inn at Bree, full of song and drink,
Just for a moment, forget our peril,
And let the name of ‘Baggins’ slip
Fool of a Took!

In Misty Mountains far from home,
Stand by a well listening to darkness
Curious, I let a stone fall
Fool of a Took!

At Amon Hen our foes surround us,
Valiant Boromir falls in glory
Merry and I try fight
Fool of a Took?

In a deep dark forest far from home,
Treebeard takes us south to war,
And sees his friends all dead and gone
Fool am I?

Leaving Orthanc far behind
I look into a shining stone
And see our doom is near at hand
Foolish you say?

In Minas Tirith, strong and proud,
I pledge my service to Denethor,
And help defend the world of Men
Foolish now?

Home at last after long adventure,
We see that evil has spread too far,
I call upon the noble Tooks
Foolish are they?

At the Havens misty pale
I come to see my cousin home
And ask you if I’m still a fool,
You say:

‘Peregrin, you never were.’

- Mel Baggins