The trees are filled with party lights,
Hobbits singing, dancing, laughing,
I am laughing too
I remember being happy

The sky glitters as stars explode,
Gandalf is laughing,
Filling the sky with merriment
Of many colors

You sit beside me, my faithful servant,
My best friend
Rosie is dancing, so beautiful
“Go on, Sam!” but you’re too shy,
You always were
Shy and strong, my Sam
Dear Sam

Rosie singing sweet as honey
She loves you, Sam dear!
I push you to her waiting arms, but then-




The lights are gone
No one is singing
Gandalf has fallen
Left behind

This evil fate is mine, I fear
My bittersweet torment
Haunting my dreams

You lie beside me
My Sam, dear Sam
Why did you come with me?
Not your doom, but mine!

Don’t look for death
When it doesn’t want you
This fate is mine
My death, my own

Laying down
I dream again
Far away memories
Warm and bright
No longer mine
This is my torment

(Mel Baggins)

Hobbits of Valor

We are soldiers
One of Gondor
One of Rohan
We are Hobbits of the Shire

We have traveled
Through fire
Through darkness
Through death
Now we come home
Our deeds not known
Our songs not sung

How could they not know
The world was dying
The shadow growing
The Shire

W came to the edge of disaster
There and back again
But what happened after?
We are Hobbits of the Shire
But we are also soldiers
One of Gondor
One of Rohan

Where are the trees?
The grass
Where are the Hobbits?
I see empty shells
Ghosts of what once was

Awake! Fear! Fire! Foes!
Two soldiers
One of Gondor
One of Rohan
We will take back our home
Wake the Hobbits from their sleep
Banish shadow with light
And raise the Shire.

- Mel Baggins