Ring a Dong Dillo!

by Marsaili

Hey dol! merry dol! ring a dong dillo!
Let's sing about the Hobbits and Tom Bombadillo!
Tom was singing and dancing with water- lillies in hand
when he came across the little Hobbits Frodo and Sam.

The Hobbits were afraid, their friends were in grave trouble
they needed Tom's help, quickly and on the double!
Their Hobbit friends were swallowed up by mean Old Man Willow,
The only person that could help them now was Tom Bombadillo!

Tom set down his water- lillies---he said, don't crush them please
and went to confront the old man willow, a giant among the trees.
He sang his song to old man willow into the mouthy crack
he whipped the tree with a stick and Merry and Pippin were back!

Now Tom chastised Old Man willow, what be you a thinkin of?
You need water, dirt and sleep--not old Hobbit blood!
He gathered together Frodo and Merry, Sam and a very shaken Pippin
and invited them to his home for some rest and some good home cookin!

They gathered their frightened ponies and went on their way,
trying to keep up with silly old Tom, running and singing so happy and gay!
They came into his little house and saw a beautiful site,
T'was the lady Goldberry waiting there, who glowed like stars in the night.

Frodo couldn't help himself, for her beauty did inspire,
He sang to her a sweet tongued song, as they sat around the fire.
They feasted well and had some drink, a wonderful clear wine,
then rested by the fireside and listened to many of Tom's rhymes.

They went to bed and dreamt of things too horrible to say,
Except for Sam who was content until the light of day.
It rained and stormed and the wind did blow, delaying their important quest,
For Goldberry had the wash to do and the Hobbits needed their rest.

Tom told them many stories about the woods and animals and streams,
about the barrows and their secrets and the mounds and even the dead kings.
Then Frodo asked a question, "who are you master?" he inquired,
And Tom gave him a riddle of an answer, but one that was inspired.

I am me, as you are you but I am very old,
I'm the eldest of them all, a wonder to behold!
I remember the beginings of all things in the land,
the first acorn, tree and raindrop, the first elves and the first man.

It was time to sup again, for Hobbits need to eat,
Goldberry came clothed in silver and Tom had green stockings on his feet.
They ate and ate and ate some more, like they hadn't eaten in weeks.
Then they listened to Goldberry sing, her songs were ever sweet.

Afterwards Tom queried them about their lives in the shire,
but it seemed he knew the answers before he had even inquired.
He suddenly stopped then said to Frodo, "Show me the precious ring!"
He looked it over, put it on and it didn't do a thing.

He laughed and tossed it in the air and made it disappear,
then he gave it back to Frodo, who thought it very queer.
Why didn't Tom become invisible, like all that tried the ring?
Did he take my own One Ring and replace it with this thing?

When the talk resumed and all were busy, Frodo slipped the imposter on
To his delight he disappeared, It's mine and its time to have fun!
He got up quietly and stole away from the fireside to go outdoors
But Old Tom wasn't fooled he said,"come back lets talk some more!"

They then commenced to make some plans on how the Hobbits would leave,
Stay away from the Downs, don't touch their stones, don't wake the Wights that sleep!
Pass them by on the left, don't touch their homes, head to the East Road going north,
If you should fail and run into danger, I will be there henceforth.

He repeated his warnings over and over, to make sure the Hobbits were certain,
don't meddle in things that aren't your concern or you shall surely be hurting!
If by chance, you run into danger just sing this song loud and clear,
No matter where I am or what I am doing I will certainly hear.

Ho! Tom Bombadil, Tom Bombadillo!
By water, wood and hill, by the reed and the willow,
By fire, sun and moon, harken now and hear us!
Come Tom Bombadil, for our need is near us!

Then he led them to their beds and wished them a peaceful sleep,
Don't go having any dreams, you won't hear noises--not a peep!
The Hobbits slept well that night and awoke to Tom's sweet singing,
They ate their breakfast, packed their bags and got their ponies ready for leaving.

They said goodbye to dear old Tom and headed on their way,
Then Frodo realized he missed the lady, he must say goodbye today!
She called to them from a hill, her hair blowing behind her in the breeze
She wished them well, waved goodbye and vanished in the trees.

This here now ends this song, I don't want to make it longer
but don't despair, there's more to hear and it shall be told in another.
Tom's still here, ready to help if he is ever needed
the Hobbits have his song to sing, and his advice to be well heeded.

Whither or not it will be sung, I won't reveal in this tale
You'll just have to wait for part deux, or read the book in case I fail!
This song is mine from beginning to end, except for one small part,
Tom's song for the Hobbits is from the book--I don't want to give the Purists a start!

Now off you go, be on your way and be sure to pick the book up,
If you haven't read it for yourself, you're nothing but a pup!
For the tale of Frodo, Merry and Sam, Pippin and Tom Bombadillo
Is one for the eyes to read themselves, as well as Old Man Willow!

Hey dol! Merry dol! Ring a dong dillo,
this has been the story of the Hobbits and Tom Bombadillo!